Zodiac Sign’s July 2018 Astrology Prediction for You

The climate is warming up, and new vitality streams as the planets move in the universe. On Monday, July 9, Venus — the planet of affection, magnificence, and cash — travels into down to earth Virgo. In old soothsaying, Virgo is symbolized by the goddess of wheat and horticulture, exhibiting Virgo’s profound association with the physical plane. Virgo vitality is legitimate, precise, and sensible, so for the following a month, Venus’ indulgent inclinations will be controlled by this businesslike earth sign.

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On Sunday, July 22, the sun enters Leo, commencing the period of the lion. The sun adores to be in Leo, and in like manner, Leo cherishes to be in the spotlight. There is a cooperative bond between this heavenly body and zodiac sign, and the joined vitality frames a great association that must mean a certain something: it’s showtime. For the following a month, prepare — the universe will serve up high dramatization. Everything is overwhelming amid Leo season, so don’t be hesitant to incline toward your must liberal articulation. The lions are holding court now, and this kingdom is characterized by striking lipstick, huge hair, and loads of creature print. Basically, enormous warriors, ’tis the season to sparkle.

At last, July finishes up with a full moon in Aquarius on Friday, July 27 — however this is definitely not a commonplace lunation, either. Truth is stranger than fiction, inestimable warriors, there are two shrouds this month. The aggregate lunar obscuration on July 27 compares with the Leo-Aquarius overshadow arrangement that started August 18, 2016. With the moon in coordinate resistance from the sun, the moon will briefly transmit a beguiling, red tint. Fittingly, July’s obscuration is being alluded to as a “Blood Moon.” July’s Blood Moon is the seventh overshadowing in the Leo-Aquarius arrangement (the past dates were February 10, 2017; August 7, 2017; August 21, 2017; January 31, 2018; and February 15, 2018), and with just two remaining, consider exploring your own shroud story.


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A noteworthy lunation shakes the sky on Thursday, July 12, when another moon in Cancer commences a fresh out of the plastic new obscuration arrangement. Anybody with a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn) in their introduction to the world chartwill be affected by these infinite moves significantly: shrouds trigger the zones of our diagram identified with fate, so make sure to give careful consideration amid this fractional sun based overshadowing. Note essential individuals, occasions, and conditions, you’ll start to comprehend your own overshadowing story.

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Expect bunches of fantastic acknowledge throughout the following half a month, yet attempt to maintain a strategic distance from superfluous showdown after Thursday, July 26 when Mercury starts its retrograde cycle. Despite the fact that Mercury retrograde isn’t the apocalypse, it can cause dissatisfaction correspondence breakdowns.



Leo season starts on Sunday, July 22, when the brilliant star travels into the red hot sign related with innovativeness, dramatization, and showiness. There’s a positive connection amongst Gemini and Leo: Your sharp articulation is impeccably matched with Leo’s adoration for old Hollywood allure.



Okay, Cancer angel, give careful consideration. On Thursday, July 12, the moon and sun unite, energizing the sky with a sunlight based obscuration in your sign. Yet, this is anything but an irregular lunation: July’s obscuration is the main overshadowing in a ground-breaking two-year cycle that will absolutely shake your reality. Beginning this month, the obscurations will start lighting up the Cancer-Capricorn hub, powering real changes in — well, every part of your life.

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Leo :


On Sunday, July 22, the sun (your heavenly ruler) moves into your own sign — it’s an astronomical homecoming. Leos love to be the focal point of consideration, and what’s a superior spotlight than the sun? For the following month, everyone’s eyes will be on you, so grasp colorfulness with huge hair, creature prints, and a lot of intense decisions.

Virgo :


Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday, July 26, and since Mercury’s your planetary ruler, you’re generally affected by this regressive skim. Amid this vast turn around, ensure any real mysteries are safely bolted away. Else, it might be a great opportunity to fess up before you get discovered.



Let’s be realistic: You’re a characteristic charmer. You easily impress them, and on Sunday, July 22, when the sun moves into Leo, you’ll be contacting a much more noteworthy group of onlookers. As the sun enters the zone of your graph associated with the broadened network, you’ll find better approaches to draw in your system. This is a magnificent time to investigate associations that help your qualities. Conceptualize innovative approaches to contribute, Libra.

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On Thursday, July 12, another shroud arrangement commences as the sun and moon unite in Cancer. July’s incomplete sun based overshadowing enacts the region of your graph associated with movement, theory, and investigation. Consider new ways you can expand your viewpoints: inquiring about moderate flights, training programs, or even nearby book clubs. You’ll be anxious to extend your reality, and now you understand that there are unfathomable open doors that will help encourage development.



On Monday, July 9, Venus (the planet of affection, magnificence, and cash) travels into Virgo, actuating the zone of your diagram associated with proficient yearnings and open picture. Presently, a great bond is framed amongst sentiment and success. Amid the following couple of weeks, you’ll be progressively attracted to driven people who fan your fire. Bear in mind, Sagittarius, it’s not tied in with being crafty; it’s tied in with developing associations with individuals who urge you to carry on with your best life.



Starting on Thursday, July 12, the lunar hubs move into the Cancer-Capricorn sky. Basically, Capricorn sweetheart, poo’s going to get genuine. Through January 2020, the shrouds will adjust your present reality to your predetermination, and the following two years will be characterized by fantastic change. Focus on what occasions happen mid-month: What are the topics? Who are the characters? What is in question? Compose these down, Capricorn. They’ll prove to be useful later.

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Leo season starts on Thursday, July 22 when the sun moves into your contrary sign. With this sun powered vitality actuating your organization zone, you’ll be thinking about the estimation of an “in addition to one.” You’re improperly free, yet now, you start to understand that you can go further, speedier when you unite. Regardless of whether you’re focusing on a sentiment or an undertaking, the following couple of weeks are about the intensity of sets.



This month, you’ll be on both the giving and accepting end of sentiment when Venus (the planet of adoration, magnificence, and cash) floats into Virgo on Monday, July 9. Existing connections are going to level-up, so don’t be amazed in case you’re abruptly motivated to make a noteworthy duty.

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